America Back on Track 2024

America Back on Track 2024

Nearly two-thirds of American voters do not want a choice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in 2024, according to national polls.
We agree!

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We are a group of concerned citizens who wish to create a third choice, as part of the No Labels movement

To give voters the opportunity to vote for sensible, experienced and capable leaders who are respected, principled and credible and ready to lead our great Nation on Day 1.

The No Labels nominating convention will take place in Spring 2024.

Please sign our petition to draft United States Senator and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (R- Utah) for President on a ticket with United States Senator Joe Manchin (D- West Virginia) for Vice President.

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Do Romney and Manchin Want to be Drafted?

According to media reports, Senators Romney and Manchin have discussed the need for a third option for President, but both also have expressed concern about being spoilers who tilt the election toward a less popular choice of the two political parties. So we expect both to officially “oppose” this draft effort.


Because they cannot embrace the Draft Romney/Manchin Committee until we demonstrate to them by petition signatures and contributions that enough American citizens WANT them to run so there is a path to victory. And there IS a path to victory! Sign the petition and make a contribution of any amount to show your support!

Help Get America Back on Track!

If you agree that a Romney/Manchin bipartisan unity ticket is a better choice than the extremes offered by either political party, please donate to support this draft effort today.